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.Easy WebCam Tool v.0.07.

Easy WebCam Tool v.0.07

I’ve just written a tiny tool to test the webcam and take a snapshot or a video. The configuration is quite simple. In the same directory as the program, there has to be an .ini-file named...

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.SACM - Smart Array Controller Monitor.

SACM - Smart Array Controller Monitor

    Smart Array Controller Monitor is an independent tool, that can be used to monitor one (or more) smart array controllers in a Windows System, that doesn't has the ability to run the HP monitoring Tools....

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.XBMC Watched Checker v.1.0.7.

XBMC Watched Checker v.1.0.7

XBMC Watched Checker is a tiny tool for displaying the already watched movies from a XBMC database. The query is done via the new JSON-RPC API, so the tool is compatible with Dharma, Eden and...

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.EpisodeGuide v.032– A handy tool for searching TV series.

EpisodeGuide v.032– A handy tool for searching TV series

Using the TVDB is pretty handy through their built-in API. So I decided to code a small App for accessing the endless information about TV-series....

Read More.. Reader (unofficial). Reader (unofficial) has apps for IOS and Android; but I missed an app for my desktop computer. So I just did one. It’s in an early stadium, but you can already view and read your collected...

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.DokuScreenShot v.0.20.

DokuScreenShot v.0.20

Taking screen shots for a documentation is always a pain in the ass - If you don't have the right tool. So I looked out through the internet, and I found: nothing :-( This is...

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.utorrent Toolbox 0.30 with new features is out!.

utorrent Toolbox 0.30 with new features is out!

I've just updated utorrent Toolbox to version 0.30 with new features and small bugfixes: Features: Now it's possible to auto-label torrents, that runs on a specific tracker Max. running torrents can be saved now. Menu can be now added...

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.Smart Array Controller Monitor bekommt eigene Homepage.

Smart Array Controller Monitor bekommt eigene Homepage

  Das Tool SmACMon - Smart Array Controller Monitor ist ab sofort unter erreichbar!   Changelog:  ...

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.DiArT - Disk Archive Tool - final Version 1.0. out !.

DiArT - Disk Archive Tool - final Version 1.0. out !

  Ich habe das Disk Archive Tool ein wenig erweitert. Man kann nun: eingelesene Disks in der Datenbank umbenennen eingelesene Disks aus der Datenbank entfernen den kompletten Diskinhalt ansehen (als in-App view und als Textfile) den kompletten Diskinhalt als Baumstruktur...

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.AutoUnRar v.0.25 is out....

AutoUnRar v.0.25 is out...

  Nachdem frühere Version von AutoUnRar in verschiedenen Situationen sich nicht wie gewünscht verhalten haben (vor allem, wenn der \temp Ordner nicht leer war), habe ich mich entschlossen, die Beta Version auf 0.25 upzudaten. Obwohl das...

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.Always-On - customizable Router-Reconnect Tool.

Always-On - customizable Router-Reconnect Tool

Last time I mentioned many disconnects on my Thompson ST546 DSL-Router, so I decided to write a small tool to force the router to reconnect once it disconnects. Download: here   How it works: The program logs on to the...

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Autounrar V.1.1 Update has hit the Appstore




Airview! - A free audio/video streaming client for IOS (universal, iPhone and iPad supported)

Get it here:




I’ve been playing around with the fitbit-API for a long time. This webapp is the output of my work. Give it a try – it’s free of use.


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